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Stunt Engineers / Standby Mechanics / Car Preparation & Backup for Car Shots


Car Preparation and Back-up for Car Shoots

Rigging for stunt vehicle sequences and mechanical effects is our speciality.  With several decades worth of experience in creating vehicle stunts we can offer the following:

  • Roll cages & harnessed racing seats
  • Hydraulic handbrakes
  • Safety glass windscreens, side windows etc for stunt vehicles
  • Crash testing in the studio environment with and without drivers / cable controlled or cannon fired.
  • Airbag deployment simulation with compressed air (slowing deployment speed).
  • Cutaway Cars
  • Full Repaints - “quick film job” or “showroom quality job”.
  • Job specific car rigs manufactured according to spec
  • We have a complete service for car shoots from Standby Mechanics / Mobile Workshops / Camera Tracking Vehicles / Car Transporters for stunt vehicles.
  • We can also arrange Stunt or Precision Drivers.

Service and Stunt Vehicles Back-up

Our Mobile Workshops offer full mechanical and fabrication back-up on location and are fully self supporting (i.e. own power supply) and include the

  • Silent 5 KW Generator.
  • Tyre Fitting Equipment.
  • Mig, Arc and Gas Welding, Gas Cutting.
  • 10 litre Compressor with Air Tools.
  • Porto Power for straightening cars.
  • Pillar Drill.
  • Full selection of Hand Tools: Spanners/Jemmy Bars/Sledge Hammer etc.
  • Battery Charger 12v. 
  • Steel Cutting Saw.
  • Consumables - including Steel, Nuts, Bolts etc.

Stunt Recovery / Mobile Crane Truck (3500kg lifting capacity).

For moving crashed stunt vehicles and heavy equipment.  It is fitted with heavy duty winches and capable of heavy “A” Frame camera tracking work. (Gross vehicle weight is 16 tonne).
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