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Stealth High Speed 4x4


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The Stealth is Based on a Mercedes ML55 AMG 4x4 - V8 Engine 5500cc with 342BHP. Ideal for High Speed and light Off Road Tracking, the Stealth can be rigged with any fixed remote head with all operators remaining safely within the Tracking Vehicle.  The remote head and camera can be front and rear, or roof mounted on the Stealth.  A dedicated safety seated area is provided for the operator in the “boot” of the Stealth (see photo above).  The operator can also be seated on the rear bench seat, solid fixing points in the floor are provided for operator's wheels to be mounted on a bazooka etc.

The Stealth offers a package where comfort and safety are combined with the agility of a high-speed on-road insert car/tracking vehicle and a very capable 4x4 off-road tracking vehicle.  The Stealth comfortably carries 5x crew plus Driver. 

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