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Air Ride "Silverado" Camera Tracking Vehicle


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5.7L V8 Chevrolet Silverado 6x4 Tracking Vehicle modified with additional axle for an extended wheelbase to carry up to the 30 foot Techno crane.  It runs on adjustable air suspension to suit individual weight and ride comforts and has a built-in 5KW generator.  Additional front and rear working platforms create more opportunities for mounting cameras and lights.  We have adapter plates for quick, easy and secure mounting of any Jib arm or Techno crane. 

The extended wheelbase of this tracking vehicle makes it possible to roll a fully assembled 30” Techno crane on its own base wheels straight off the camera truck onto our rear platform.  This means no hassle, quick (saving you time!) and most importantly, safe loading of the crane!

“Air Ride” Silverado has a crew cab to seat up to 4 people out of the sun and rain.  This vehicle can be used for all round camera tracking and “A“ Framing.  The working area is fitted with safety rails, which can also be used for rigging etc “Extremely User Friendly”.  This vehicle is designed to operate safely whilst carrying the weight of a 30 Foot Techno Crane with accessories and 7 people!  Safety has to be the number ONE concern!!  Our Tracking Vehicle Operators are experienced in this field of work, not just Drivers!  

Bickers Action's tracking vehicles are comprehensively insured to particate in film work.
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