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Russian Arm and Stealth


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The Stealth is Based on a Mercedes ML55 AMG 4x4 - V8 Engine 5500cc with 342BHP Ideal for High Speed and Off Road Tracking and can also be fitted with a fixed remote head in the same way as the BMW Storm with all operators within the Tracking Vehicle.

The Russian Arm and the Flight Head is a remotely operated gyrostabilized camera crane system that keeps the camera steady while going at high speed, across bumpy roads or off-road. Lightweight design allows the crane to be mounted on the roof of almost any camera car, boat, train, and Most Tracking Vehicles. 
The Russian Arm is fully controlled from within a car and is capable of operating at high speeds.

Length of the boom 4m 
Boom rotation 360° 
Operating angle ±45° 
Speed 6 sec / 360° 
Weight 250kg in
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