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Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Platform / Hydraulic Movement Simulators / Car Roll-over Rig


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New equipment is being introduced all the time so please enquire with requirements for your unique project.  With decades worth of experience, and access to blue prints of rigs we have built, we are sure to be able to help you get your shot.

Heavy Duty Scissor Lift Platform 

This hydraulic variable speed lifting platform can be used for lifting cars and equipment up to 2m. It can lift up to 3000kg.  Platform area of 2.75m x 1.7m.

Hydraulic Movement Simulator

Hydraulic Gimble enables simulation of Aeroplane and Helicopter flying with actors giving ideal close up shots with real movement.

Car Roll-Over Rig

This rig allows a vehicle to be rolled over mid air in a controlled manner.  Recently used on an action film where the actor had to run on a vehicle whilst it is spinning around mid air.

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