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Fan Decenders / Misc Equipment / Turntables / Wheel Skates


Fan Descender

The Fan Descender derived from the RAF enables a cable controlled descent, it was used to simulate parachute jumping in hangers. Its main use now is for the simulation of high falls by stunt performers in a controlled safe way.

It is also available with our Anti-spin Camera Dropping Rig which simulates free fall towards the ground - creating excellent POV shoots and hydraulic drive unit for lifting as well as dropping.

Miscellaneous Stunt Equipment 

• Safety Stunt Fuel Tanks, Battery Boxes, Car Stunt Seats. 
• Hydraulic Hand Brake. 
• 3/4/5 point Vehicle Harnesses. 
• Full Safety Harnesses (for hire or purchase). 
• Ratchet Damper (hydraulic) - used for controlling vehicles being stopped by cables. 
• Russian Swings

Turntables and Wheel Skates

We have a wide variety of Turntables - motorised and manual.

• Car showroom type turntable with 2 different diameters: 3m and 4m. Also fitted with 18mm ply for easy rigging - large turntables can be manufactured on request.
• Small manual turntable with base diameter of 1m.
• Stunt Turntable - Spinning car simulator motorised (ideal for actor reaction shots).
• Stunt Turntable - Spinning car simulator for small vehicles - manual (ideal for actor reaction shots).
• Wheel Skate Go Jacks - can be used either for moving a car around easily in a studio, or specialised ones can be manufactured and fitted to individual cars for stunt driving purposes, i.e. hand-brake-turns in confined spaces.


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