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Combination Low Loader Elite


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Low Loader is the easiest, quickest and safest way of camera tracking for vehicles.  The suspension is 100% air cushion and can be adjusted according to weight and ride comfort.  The working platform is just 150mm off the ground providing realistic actor driving shots!  Removable safety rails are fitted all round, with scaffolding for easy rigging “Extremely User Friendly”.

This custom-build tracking trailer has an enclosed cabin to seat 7x crew safely, out of the sun and rain, with all their monitors and sound equipment.  The black part of the crew cabin can be easily removed in 5 minutes if required.  Cameras, Bazookas, Lights etc can be mounted anywhere on the working platform in a matter of seconds.

Side platforms are quickly fitted on set if required and are wide enough to accommodate Dolly tracks or n Slide’n Glide system.  Low Loader is capable of carrying almost any car.  We have even carried light aircraft!  Heavier loads will require prior notice.

Additional rigs or platforms can be made to requirements.

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