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The Company

Bickers Action was started by Dave Bickers in Great Britain in 1976 following an illustrious career in motorcycle scrambling. The company has experienced steady growth over the last 35 years and this development has been built on the foundation of the company philosophy to provide inventive solutions whilst always utilising strong mechanical understanding and resourcefulness. With this basic principle, Bickers Action can meet the industries ever increasing demands and help produce ‘the best’ film and TV stunt action.

The company staff includes a team of stunt engineers who all share a common interest in either two or four wheel motor sport and who possess the keen adaptable skills required to provide the best engineering solutions.

Bickers Action now services the film and television industries of England, Ireland, Europe and indeed the rest of the world.   Bickers Action has successfully created groundbreaking stunts, which include several World Records, and supplied Camera Tracking Vehicles on some of the best known feature films ever made.

In 2009 Bickers Action agreed to expand its operations even further to Cape Town, South Africa.  Bickers Action SA is managed by Gustav Marais returning home to SA after 10 years in the film industry of the UK.  With the affiliation to Bickers Action in the UK, Bickers Action SA brings to South Africa a vast knowledge base of stunt engineering experience to be tapped into, as well as a new range of unique tracking vehicles and tracking rigs.  To read more about Gustav Marais click here.

With local government investment and tax incentives in place to bring international film production to South Africa, combined with a very live and capable film industry in South Africa, we believe that there will be plenty of scope for Bickers Action SA to grow alongside the fast expanding local industry.   

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